12th December 2016
12th December 2016
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Well lets just say steve was a small challenge, with a busy schedule and a heavy work life balance – steve didn’t get much time to excursive and found himself living on a staple diet of quick snacks and junk food, he also had a small passion for chips!. It wasnt steves aim to become ‘hench’ he just wanted to get fit and loose some weight – heres what he said about us:

Jason was warm and friendly from the moment i met him, he took the time to listen to the way i lived my life, taking everything into consideration. i spent my time rushing around from place to place living my life on junk food inbetween clients, with no real time to excersize. Jason set me a easy to follow plan, nothing to strenuous and a diet it was easy for me to stick to, I’m now slowly to start seeing results I’m happy with… and i feel 100% better for it…
1Would I recommend Jason as a personal trainer
Absolutely, he’s helped me overcome something i thought wasn’t possible with my lifestyle.
2Favorite part of the training
well of course it has to be the results!
3Worst part of the training
well for me it was sticking to the diet, but Jason even came shopping with me and helped me choose what to eat and mapping out my weekly diet.
4Most memorable moment
Being laid on the grass staring up at the sky out of breath – with Jason peering over me telling me “Hop To It!!”