About Jason Henshall

Jason Henshall - Personal Trainer

For many years before Jason headed into the realm of becoming a Personal trainer Jason regularly worked out at the gym, enjoyed running, and played many different sports including Boxing, Rugby, Tennis, Racing BMX and Motor Cross, all this was until 2009 when Jason was involved in a very serious RTA in which he was knocked from his Road bike sustaining multiple injuries :

  • Pubic bone and Pelvis - Open Fracture
  • Right Hip – Open Fractures
  • Ulner & Radius - Snapped
  • Left Wrist - Fractured
  • Right Ankle – Fibia - Fractured in 4 places
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Jason spent 5 weeks in hospital to be released home to rehabilitate after being told by Doctors and Specialists that he may walk sufficiently to ‘get around’ in the future but would definitely never run or play sports again, Jason spent 9 months in a wheelchair his weight went from 13 stone pre accident to 18 stone.

Jason was determined he would not end up living his life this way and to prove the Doctors wrong did not stop his routine of physio and rehabilitation pushing himself daily to the point of what he describes ‘mind over matter’ to overcome all obstacles. When Jason had his review 15 months after his accident he stunned Doctors explaining he now trained regularly at the gym and was now running 3 miles every other day

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Jason stepped up his training regime from this point taking his body past the point ever though possible, regularly keeping fit, playing sports and running.

Unfortunately 4 years later Jason’s passion for Road bikes brought yet more turmoil when yet again another driver caused a serious RTA knocking him from his bike, Jason impacted with a 7” solid steel sign post completely taking it from its base.

His injuries were that severe Jason was taken to Macclesfield Hospital but as the doctors fought to save him he was quickly airlifted to Wythenshaw hospital as the trauma team had a better chance of saving him.

Spending two weeks in Intensive care fighting for his life Jason’s injuries were:

  • Internal bleeding – Heamatoma
  • 2 Collapsed Lungs
  • Torn Bladder
  • Crushed Kidney
  • Snapped 3 vertebrae
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Jason luckily survived his second accident and after 2 weeks being carefully looked after by the amazing Intensive care team and Specialists from Wrightington and Wythenshaw working together at Wythenshaw hospital he was taken into the HD Unit for 2 weeks, not knowing which to treat first it became clear Jason’s Kidney was the main priority, Jason underwent 3 operations to try to repair damage and fix the torn bladder, fitting a stent was hopefully going to save his kidney. Jason was then transferred into Urology.

After intensive Physio and rehabilition Jason learnt to walk with a frame, then progressed to crutches and finally was allowed to leave hospital 6 weeks later to be cared for at home.

Another painful 12 months ahead rehabilitating himself unfortunately led to Jason having to go back into Wythenshaw to undergo major surgery to remove his kidney which was found not to be functioning any more. This led to further complications when his expected 2 hour surgery turned into almost 7 hours when surgeons found all his internal organs and intestines had fused together like glue – this appeared to have happened at the early stages after his second accident when his torn bladder was leaking into his body, this resulted in emergency bowel surgery in which Jason’s intestines had to me removed out of his body to enable the kidney surgeon to remove the kidney without affecting the intestines.

Going from hobbling to walking to running took some considerable time approximately 18 months but Jason refused to be a broken man, and kept pushing forward. Eventually Jason was back to full strength and yet again stunning medics by training again, running and training.


Jason still has problems with his hip and various other ailments but the courage he has shown to get up and train, the strength to carry on and not give up and the determination to be as able bodied and as fit as possible all lead Jason to eventually decide to help others to do the same, Jason as a fully qualified Personal Trainer is now fulfilling this dream.

Now Bringing a wealth of knowledge and determined experience to show what your mind can push your body to achieve is what Jason excels in, Offering an exclusive set of skills with a fresh and friendly approach.

Jason’s workouts and sessions can be challenging, energetic and physical but they will always be fun and guarantee to deliver results. Helping to motivate and push you past your limits and cross boundaries is what keeps Jason’s clients coming back for more.

Specialising in weight loss, helping with nutrition and combining every angle needed to get you to reach your goal.
Jason offers the Complete package uniquely tailored to each and everyone’s specific needs.

You will see and feel results fast

It’s time for you to take that step – Stop thinking about it - Make the decision to change your life and do it now. Imagine where you and your body can be in 3, 6 or even 12 months.