Jason’s Personal Training Services

Training chosen by YOU!

We will help you to find the most suitable training program that will help you to feel comfortable and happy in your journey with us, we off an array of different services and packages to suit everyones needs, but should you still feel there is something we have not covered or you would like to a rapt an program please do not hesitate to speak with us, Nothing is Impossible.

Whether you prefer the 1-2-1 approach, training a couple of time a week or more, or you feel you would benefit from training with a friend or even as part of a group than we can offer many different programs and packages for you.

Bootcamps and Nutrition advice and planning are also our other very popular services.

All of these can be organised for you at home or anywhere else outdoors or we can even make arrangements with certain gyms to help you to train.

All we need to do is discuss your requirements and see what works for you.

Whatever your preference, booking and paying as you go, arranging courses of 5, 10 or 20 or even saving sone money and booking a year subscription we will tailor fit your package to suit you!



All out 1-2-1 private sessions are tailor made and carefully designed for you taking every single aspect into consideration, we work out training not just on your desired goals but also on your ability levels, and we will set REALISTIC plans out that will endeavor to produce results as long as you show commitment to the program we design. Training is by the hour, and we are there to guide you completely in your journey



Feel more comfortable training with a friend or partner? or simply like the idea of sharing the cost? What ever your choice we commit to giving you the highest level of advice and guidance no matter what. If training with someone else will help motivate you then we are all for that, we want positive motivated sessions for you and guarantee to provide just that. This is proving to be one of our most popular training options


Getting a group together to train can be the most inspiring fun approach to training and provides a great deal of balanced cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training, mixing things up every time we meet meet things never get boring and you will feel a great sense of achievement when we finish, we will create training for each individual in each group. No one will be deflected or feel left out
Create your own group or if your group is quite small we can combine groups together for larger Bootcamp style training. Whatever your preference we can provide it for you.


We love talking about Nutrition and foods and helping to educate on what food does to us and our body. We see the most amazing results time after time just by educating clients on nutrition,
Food is important in helping you to feel more energetic, and less sluggish, changing your diet can often be the key to body change and this combined with our expert Training programs will deliver dramatic and noticeable results. These can be life changing and rewarding