How Fitness Experts Make The World A Better Place

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29th April 2017

How Fitness Experts Make The World A Better Place

Being a fitness expert is definitely one of the most rewarding jobs and careers out there.

You get to impact so many lives, by helping your clients become healthier, fitter, happier and possibly even live longer. As you watch your client’s bodies transform through fitness, wellness, and nutrition, you know that it’s not just purely physical.

While you might help your clients lose some weight, add on more muscle, get more toned and lean, decrease body fat, improve their flexibility etc … the benefits don’t stop there.

Some of the transformations that took place are obvious on the surface, but other changes go much deeper even.

Regardless of which niche you are in, as your clients become fitter and healthier, they also take on a more positive outlook on life. As they reach their personal goals, they realize that they can accomplish the things that they set their minds to. Their self-esteem and confidence improved. They become more present and aware of their choices and become more dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle.

It takes a very special person to become a fitness expert, instructor, coach, teacher… and I think it’s time we recognize each other and give each other that special nod of recognition and appreciation.

As a fitness expert, you always have a smile to share with your clients. While you might be energetic, determined, driven and ambitious, you are fast to offer praise and inspiration. You are that unique individual that loves to motivate, inspire and hold others accountable no matter what their goals are.

What you do for your clients not only helps them physically but think about the other transformations they experience in their lives because of your coaching, your help, your expertise and your knowledge.

For example, you allow them “blow off steam” which helps them de-stress and let go of the little stuff that bugs them throughout their day. They’re less angry, depressed, exhausted and irritable.

They’re kinder and friendly to their family and friends. They don’t take their “stuff” out on other people. They’ve got the energy and drive to take on more responsibility and want to “do things” and have more goals.

At work, they’re more focused and productive. They get stuff done. They believe more in themselves and their abilities. They more determined to do the best work they can and want to excel.

As a fitness expert, some of these changes you will see in your clients, and some you won’t. So while you might think of yourself as a just a personal trainer, or a yoga teacher, or a fitness instructor, or whatever you do helping others through fitness… I think you should take a moment to recognize how your work impacts not just the clients you are working with, but your community and the world.

I’ve had so many students “try out” Yoga for the very first time. That one class changed their lives forever. I didn’t know it at the time, and neither did they. Many of my first-time students have gone on to become Yoga instructors. Others have opened up their own Yoga studio. But most of them have taken on a whole new outlook on their lives, and have made Yoga and fitness a lifestyle choice, not just for today, but for the rest of their lives.

The same goes for you.

When someone comes to you for the first time, you don’t know how much you can really affect them.

Maybe they were deadly afraid of hiring you and thought you would judge them and secretly make fun of their fitness level or how out of shape they are because they haven’t exercised in years. But when they trained with you, something magical happened, and that one-hour session could have started them on a whole new journey towards living healthier.

Maybe they were on a downhill spiral of drugs, depression and destruction, and meeting you lead them on a completely new path of fitness, wellness, health and nutrition instead.

Maybe that young awkward teenager who tripped over her own feet when she first stepped into your dance studio, is now invited to dance and perform in front of thousands of people, all because of your guidance and mentorship.

Maybe that yoga student that had severe shoulder pain and could barely move her arm completely recovered through your care.

Maybe that new fitness competitor who hated her body and was completely judgemental towards herself and others finally learned how to love her body despite any of her so called “flaws” and “imperfections” and learned to not compare herself to anyone anymore.

Maybe that single mom who struggled to lose the baby weight and suffered from postpartum depression finally accepted herself and healed her emotional pain after working with you.

Maybe that young quadriplegic man who you’ve been helping for the last year, is seeing gains and movement in his body, that doctors and nurses said would never be possible.

Maybe that young police officer with a new baby on the way feels safer doing his job now that he is practicing martial arts 5 days a week with you and your team.

And maybe all of these happened, but you didn’t know because your clients didn’t say anything. They kept it inside, but are forever grateful that your paths crossed.

And then again maybe you had a massive role in their journey and their lives, yet they didn’t recognize it for whatever reason.

So, regardless if you are a dance teacher or a martial arts teacher, a hockey coach or a gymnastics instructor, a CrossFit coach or a parkour instructor… I think it’s time someone said thank you for all you do. The world needs more people like you.

Never underestimate the amazing effect that you can have on those around you. You make the world a better place by sharing your gifts, your knowledge, your expertise, your skills and your enthusiasm for health, fitness, and wellness.

Thank You.

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